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Denise and Hannah

Mother and Patient


My daughter, Hannah, is a patient of Dr. Flatt. Hannah was diagnosed with Epilepsy when she was 13 years old and in 8th grade. (Hannah also has Asperger's, OCD, anxiety disorder, and ADHD.) We began noticing that Hannah was zoning out quite often at home. She was also "missing" things at school, such as notes, assignments, etc. She loved school and was not a behavior problem, so we, along with her teachers, suspected something serious was going on. We conferred with a doctor friend of ours, and he suggested that we have an EEG performed because it sounded like seizures. He suggested we see Dr. Flatt, the only Pediatric Neurologist in Lafayette, Louisiana. 

From our first visit with Dr. Flatt, it was evident that he was one of those very special doctors. As you can imagine, we have seen many, many doctors with Hannah. Dr. Flatt is by far the most endearing, patient, compassionate, and professional doctor we have ever seen. When he walks in that exam room, you are his main concern. He talks to you like he has no other patients waiting. The one thing that impressed me the most as a mother, is that he talked to Hannah. He looked her in the eye and gave her the love and respect that she so deserved. I would go in with a list of questions, and he answered each one of them every time.

Needless to say, we were devastated to learn that Dr. Flatt was moving to Covington. But, as a family, we immediately decided that we would follow him anywhere because he's that good! It was during this time that Hannah was really struggling, and we made the hardest decision that a parent will ever have to make--that we could not help her anymore and that she needed to leave home to get this help. Dr. Flatt was involved in this decision every step of the way. We took Hannah to see him before she left. This wonderful doctor, man, and human being, sat with her for 2 hours discussing what was going on in her life!!!! I still tear up just thinking about this day. Hannah has been away for 4 months now and is making progress. We know that are so blessed to have doctors like Dr. Flatt on our team. They just don't make doctors like this anymore. He is one of a kind and we will always have a special place in our hearts for Dr. Flatt!!!!

Jeana and Kaitlyn

Mother and Patient


I don't know what I would do without all the help from Dr. Flatt. He has been seeing Kaitlyn since she was 3 years old and has helped us through alot of different challenges.  I feel like he is always open to communication and wants to keep up with how Kaitlyn is doing in between clinic visits.  He listens to my concerns and gives us the time we need when we see him.

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